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In a room, colors or materials directly affect the mood and well-being of people. When designing a wall, almost everyone thinks this is underestimated. However, the floor is at least as important for a positive room climate and an appearance that immediately invites you to linger - just like in a room with Tilo vinyl floor.


Tilo vinyl floor convinces because of its natural beauty


Tilo vinyl floor is presented in a variety of facets with changing colors or shades of color and with convertible decors. Each one of them carries the unique, lively features of nature, exploring them in every detail, and some Tilo vinyl floor makes this naturalness even more noticeable. Already since 1950, the internationally oriented family-run company Tilo has been developing such floors, which each can decisively shape or master the charm of a room.

Tilo vinyl floor Novo


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Modern and bright or in dark tones full of solidity and elegance


Bright applewood, oak in various shades from classic to modern, rustic spruce or tilo vinyl floor with the timeless elegance of stones and metals - here everyone can feel at home right away. All of these soils are built up over several layers over a carrier web. On top of that, differently thick layers of usefulness are found, which give the individual Tilo Vinylboden series appropriate robustness to the respective environment. So these floors are not only suitable for the design of the private home. In the hard-wearing versions, they also carry their naturalness into offices or other commercial premises and easily withstand the increased daily burden.


Convincing in every way


His dreamlike look in an ever-new form complements Tilo Vinylboden with further qualities. With the tried and tested FIX connection, it is laid easily glue-free and floating, thus leaving a joint-free surface with the appearance of genuine wooden boards. With a low installation height, Tilo Vinylboden provides the perfect material for renovations and can also be installed over a floor heating system. Its surface shows a high degree of everyday life and above-average hygienic properties. Cleaning is easy and without oiling or polishing. The Tilo vinyl floor remains very moisture-resistant and also convinces with good sound-absorbing properties - it is simply practical and beautifully.



A 15-year private warranty is a very convincing argument in every respect, which speaks in favor of a Tilo vinyl floor.

   15 Jahre Garantie im Wohnbereich