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tilo ROBUSTO vinyl floor, oak pebbles, 4-sided chamfered, synchron.

The solid vinyl base of TILO from the series Robusto is anything but stony. Oak pebbles gives your living space the very special ambience.

GTIN (EAN): 9003364102848 / MPN: V1121




5 Jahre Garantie im Objektbereich   15 Jahre Garantie im Wohnbereich   Click locking System   Bodenstärke 10 mm

Package content: 1,52 m²
Thickness: 10 mm
Length: 1205 mm
Width: 210 mm
1 Floorboard: 0,253 m²
Contents floorboards: 6 Pieces
Content range: 85,03 m² (= 56 packets)


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Surface in m²= 1packets
+ 7% waste= 1packets


width  length
 m    m =  1packets


Calculation with 7% waste


From 1 pallets (= 56 packages) we can offer you even better conditions.


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Product data




Fire behavior Bfl-s1 EN-ISO 9239-1
PCP free of charge frei CEN/TR 14823
Heat transmission resistance 0,090 m2K/W EN 12664
elektrostatisches Verhalten ≤ 4,8kV EN 1815
Electrostatic behavior 16 DB EN ISO 717-2
Impact sound reduction max. 0,02 mm EN 433
Light fastness  >6 ISO 10582
Slip resistance R10 DIN 51130
Formaldehyde-specific 0,01ppm E1 EN 717-1
Weight approx. ca. 10 kg/m² EN 430
Dimensional change ≤ 0,50 % EN 669
Chemical resistance 0 = very good EN 423
Chair castors Suitable for suitability Typ W

EN 425


 Multi-layered product construction


 multi layered product construction for vinyl



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 tilo living the way i want to liveIf you can not decide which decor is right for you, you can order the Tilo Vinyl Design sample folder. In this folder, all 66 decors are contained in small format 45 x 45. For a possible order, just click on the "Design" image



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